Learn British Sign Language Online Course


Have you ever been somewhere foreign and unable to speak the language?  If so you might just be able to imagine how it feels not to understand or be understood – lonely, frustrating, confusing, scary.  For tens of thousands of British Sign Language (BSL) users there is no need to go abroad to experience this stressful situation, they just have to step out their front doors.

BSL is a fascinating language comprising of hand movements, gesture, facial expression and body language.  Despite having it’s own grammatical structure and syntax most people pick it up surprisingly quickly.   Wouldn’t it be great if each of us could sign a few simple phrases of BSL?  A casual ‘hello, how are you?’, or ‘may I help you?’ can make such a difference to someone’s day.

You can now learn BSL over the Internet in your own time from the comfort of home.  To find out more about this and for many free resources head to www.british-sign.co.uk

“Amazing course, I learnt so much in a fun interactive way. I’d recommend this course highly.”  5/5 – Becky (Kent)

“This course is absolutely fantastic value for money! Enjoyable and easy to use. I really recommend this to anyone it is excellent!” 5/5  - Kelly (Cumbria)