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  • British Sign Language Communication


    Learning British Sign Language with us is fun, easy, & flexible. Our unique online signing course has been designed so that anybody who is interested in learning BSL has got access to all of the resources that they need. You can now learn wherever and whenever you like.
  • British Sign Language Communication


    You can login to Introducing British Sign Language whenever you like. This gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to you.

    For a one off fee you get access to the course for 1 year. Most people complete the course within 8 weeks.

  • British Sign Language Communication

    Our Students

    Ideal for anyone interested in learning BSL.
    • Beginners
    • Level 1 Revision
    • School Use (staff & students)
    • Staff Training (medical, retail, childcare etc.)
    • DofE Award - Bronze Skills

A real confidence-builder for a complete novice like myself! This absorbing course not only teaches basic British Sign Language in a friendly, easy-to-understand way, it also makes the pupil try to grasp an understanding of what it means to be Deaf or hard of hearing. I am a (hearing) veterinary surgeon and will find the signs I have learnt from this course particularly valuable in helping me work with owners of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. It has inspired me to seek local BSL courses- I hope to start BSL Level 1 this September at my local night school.
Review StarsLynne Faulconbridge
  • British Sign Language Communication

    Course Outline

    This course contains 7 lessons and covers:

    Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colours, Deaf Awareness, Introductions, Family, Descriptions, Hobbies & Leisure, Time, Money, Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Conversation


  • British Sign Language Communication


    Each lesson ends with an assessment that involves watching short BSL videos and answering questions.

    Using these interactive assessments you can keep track of your progress and look again at areas that you may need to do more work on.

  • British Sign Language Communication


    Once you have scored 80% on the assessments for each lesson, and a final assessment, you are awarded a certificate to show that you have completed the course.

    Assessments can be retaken as often as you like at no extra cost.

Excellent course

I did this course as i wanted to broaden my horizons and found it very informative, brilliant value for money, and very handy if i had forgotten anything, as i could recap over things, I just need a deaf person to speak to now!
Review StarsGayle Withers
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    Learning BSL with us costs just £19.99

    This one time enrolment-fee gives you free access to all of the online signing course material for 1 year (2 years with the Beginner's Deal) so that you can come back at anytime to refresh your skills.

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    Groups & Teams

    If you book as a group then we are able to offer you discounted rates. You will have access to an adminpanel that allows you to enrol your students and track the progress of your group as they work through the course.

    Group of 6-19: £14.99
    Group of 20+: £12.99

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    You can give a course enrolment as a gift to a friend or loved one. Let us know the date that you would like the enrolment sent and we will email it on your behalf along with a message from you.


  • Introducing BSL

    Online Course

    • 1 year access
    • Comprehensive introduction
    • Study online in your own time
    • Suitable for beginners & level 1 revision


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  • Beginner Deal

    Online Course + CD-ROM

    • 2 years enrolment to online course
    • Sign to Me‘ dictionary CD-ROM (Windows)
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Study at home in your own time


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    Groups of 6+

    • Group discount
    • Staff training
    • Professional Development
    • Schools & clubs

    from £1299

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Excellent course!

looks daunting but you can learn at your own pace. you pick it up quite easy and there help avaliable if you should need it. great value for money.
IMAGEkerry Frost - 11 September 2018

A fabulous start to BSL

I signed up to BSL less than 4 weeks ago and have just completed my first course. I have absolutely loved it, pleased to have picked it up as well as I did and am looking forward to the next stage.

Would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn from scratch.
IMAGENai - 01 September 2018

A well-designed course for anyone wanting to start learning BSL, I undertook the course on my gap year so being able to take my time in learning it at home was wonderful! Being able to judge your progress with the assessments was useful, and allowing re-attempts was great in ensuring you have the knowledge before moving on! 🙂
IMAGEKathryn - 29 August 2018

Life changing

This course has been amazing, so useful, easy to use and pick up. I just they did a level two now! Do something amazing and learn BSL!!
IMAGEAlex Lonsdale - 28 August 2018

A great course

This course was perfect for anyone with less than basic knowledge of BSL (as I began with), and was well worth the amount I paid for it. I would whole-heartedly recommend the course to anyone!
IMAGEBecca - 21 August 2018

Good Basic Course For Beginners

I have just completed this course. Learnt lots of signs, able to work at own pace, fun and is good value for money. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn a new skill. I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. I would like to volunteer to work with Deaf children or help assist young deaf people get into work in the hearing world. Doing this course is the start of my journey, I am now looking to do evening classes for BSL Level 2.
IMAGEJacqueline Watson - 13 August 2018

A fantastic course! I really enjoyed learning BSL.
Thank you!
IMAGEIONI - 11 August 2018

Excellent course for beginners. It was easy and fun to learn each lesson. I highly recommend it.
IMAGEKavibriya Kunendran - 05 August 2018

I really enjoyed the course, a great introduction to BSL. Inspired to seek out evening classes now.
IMAGEBarry Thomas - 02 August 2018

Great course

I really enjoyed this course and wished i'd known about it earlier as i've always found sign language fascinating. I found each assessment easy to follow and liked the fact that i could learn at my own pace. I would highly recommend this course. I would also like to see the next level on line if it were possible.
IMAGEVirginia Parkin - 12 July 2018

BSL Intro

Great beginning course, sets you on the first path with good assessments in each lesson, worth its money, and its fun.
IMAGEPaul Fellows - 06 July 2018

Fantastic online course as an introduction to British Sign Language. Easy to follow with a wide range of useful vocabulary and good fun to complete!
IMAGEJulia - 27 June 2018

Thoroughly Enjoyable!

I've just finished the course. I recommend it to anyone who is a complete beginner, or knows the basics and needs a refresher. Lots of info covered, well rounded course. And, it's FUN!
IMAGEKathy - 21 June 2018

BSL level 1

My daughter and I have completed this course together, we arranged getting together every week and working through it step by step together, we have both really enjoyed it and now are looking to put our new skills into practice, many thanks
IMAGENatalie Courtney - 21 June 2018

Intro to BSL

Great course for beginners really builds confidence at own pace ,would highly reccomend
IMAGElindsay - 11 June 2018

Excellent course.

This is a brilliant and very informative course for those who want to start learning BSL. I really enjoyed it and am really pleased to have completed the course.

Very good content & customer service

So far the content of the course is very informative. Also, my login originally wasn't working, I got an email reply in under 5 min and Simon was very helpful & solved my issue asap. Definitely worth getting.
IMAGEKatherine - 31 May 2018


A thoroughly enjoyable and informative first exposure to BSL. I've now enquired into evening classes where I live and this online course has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build this important, underrated skill.
IMAGEAnthony - 30 May 2018

Amazing course at great value

An amazing course that covers all basics and is much easier to follow and understand than expected. I took this for my D of E bronze and it is an incredibly unique skill that is wonderful to have. I loved the cultural aspect of the course as it provided more insight and background knowledge rather than just the language. Thoroughly recommend this challenging but manageable course.
IMAGEHadi Shaikh - 28 May 2018

great course I've really enjoyed completing the BSL beginners course. It is great value for money with lots to learn and is broken down into manageable sections. Easy to follow, I will definitely be recommending.
IMAGELorraine Smith - 27 May 2018
British Sign Language - Learn BSL Online , USA 4.9 5.0 560 560 looks daunting but you can learn at your own pace. you pick it up quite easy and there help avaliable if you should need it. great value for money.