BSL For Your DofE Award

BSL For Your DofE Award

Our online course is ideal for those who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Our course can be used for your skill section and we are able to write a report based on your achievement and submit it directly to the DofE portal. If you wish to do this please get in touch ( to let us know that you are starting. For your assessor details please list the following contact:

Simon Harvey – Course Tutor –

Once you have completed the course please email Simon with your details including your DofE participant ID number.


Our course contains 10 sections, each designed to be studied over a 2hr period. This content works really well as a 3 month programme. We would suggest completing no more than 1hr – 1.5hrs each week.


Our course can be used for your 6 month skill but there are a few additional requirements to ensure that you fulfill all of the necessary criteria. Just as with the 3 month skill we suggest studying no more than 1hr – 1.5hrs each week. Over a 6 month period it should be possible to take each assessment as often as is required to achieve as close to 100% as you are able. In addition to the online course, if you need additional activities to fulfill the time requirements, we would recommend doing some additional research and learning using other online resources – please keep a journal of this and submit it to us when you email to request your assessor report to be completed.

Good luck, we hope you enjoy the course and wish you all the best with your DofE award.

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