Carbon Commitment

  • Carbon Negative

    We believe that it’s really important to ensure that our actions do not have any negative impact on the earth.  As a result we are constantly reviewing our practices to make sure that the services that we provide have the smallest carbon footprint that they can.

    For the few activities where we are unable to avoid generating carbon we provide funding to carbon-offsetting schemes at a rate of at least 1500% of what we generate which means we help to sequester much more carbon than we produce.

    • Thanks to the team at Kualo all of our web services (including our online course) are now powered 100% by renewable energy – find out more
    • 100% of the power for our office is generated by our own solar panels.
    • Our office is paper-free and we request only digital invoices from all of our suppliers.
    • We do not take part in any mass marketing emails or mail-outs.
    • Each year we plant native broad-leaf trees around the UK (we have already planted in the South-West, North-East, North-West, and London & Thames) and also help to protect areas of the Brazilian rainforest that are at risk of deforestation – find out more
    • In 2018 we have switched to 100% recycled & recyclable cardboard packaging for our ‘Sign to Me‘ CD-ROM.

    We also support projects in developing and newly industrialising countries. The projects that we select fulfil the highest standards (CDM, Goldstandard, plan vivo) and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also contribute to the social, ecological and economic development of the region.

  • This website is hosted Green - checked by We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi