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  • British Sign Language Communication


    Learning British Sign Language with us is fun, easy, & flexible. Our unique online signing course is a comprehensive introduction for anybody who is interested in learning BSL. You can now learn wherever and whenever you like.
  • British Sign Language Communication


    You can access Introducing British Sign Language whenever you like (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). Study at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to you. You can access the course for 2 years. Designed to be studied over approximately 16-20hrs - 1.5 - 2hrs/week.

  • British Sign Language Communication

    Our Students

    Ideal for anyone interested in learning BSL.
    • Beginners
    • Level 1 Revision
    • School Use (staff & students)
    • Staff Training (medical, education, retail, childcare etc.)
    • DofE Award - Bronze/Silver (more details)

A brilliant easy to follow course with lots of helpful signs! This has given me the ability to better understand people using sign language and break down the language barrier! Keep up the good work!
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  • British Sign Language Communication

    Course Outline

    This course contains 10 lessons and covers: Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colours, Deaf Awareness, Introductions, Family, Relationships, Descriptions, Hobbies, Time, Money, Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Emotions, Relationships, Animals, Clothing, and Conversation. Also specialist vocabulary for education, medical, retail, transportation and home settings.


  • British Sign Language Communication


    Each lesson ends with an assessment that involves watching short BSL videos and answering questions.

    Using these interactive assessments you can keep track of your progress and look again at areas that you may need to do more work on.

  • British Sign Language Communication


    Once you have scored 85% on the assessments for each lesson, and the final assessment, you are awarded a certificate to show that you have completed the course.

    Our certificate is accredited by CPD.

    Assessments can be retaken as often as you like at no extra cost.

A good foundation for learning BSL

This was an exellent course ,and certainly value for money,a good building block for any future BSL developement. thank you .
Review StarsBarry Wilkins
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    Learning BSL with us costs just £25 whatever price you feel you are able to afford during this difficult time.

    This one-time enrolment fee gives you free access to all of the online signing course material for 2 years so that you can come back at anytime to refresh your skills.

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    Groups & Teams

    We usually offer discounted rates for bulk bookings (from £14 per person) however this has now been replaced by the "pay what you can" pricing - this means you can decide what you feel you would like to pay for your team or group to learn BSL (minimum contribution of £3 per person).

    Whether you are making an individual booking, or a bulk booking, you will have access to an enrollment dashboard where you can track the progress of your learners as they work through the course.

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  • Introducing BSL

    Online Course

    • 2 year access to online course
    • Comprehensive introduction
    • Study online in your own time
    • Suitable for beginners & level 1 revision

    From £3

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  • Beginner Deal

    Online Course + CD-ROM

    • 2 years access to online course
    • Sign to Me‘ dictionary CD-ROM (Windows)
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Study at home in your own time

    From £20

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  • Group Discount

    Groups of 6+

    • Group discount
    • Staff training – education, medical, retail etc.
    • Professional development
    • Schools & clubs

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introducing BSL online course

I didn't know any sign language before attempting this course. Really enjoyed it, easy to follow. I definitely want to carry on to the next level now.
IMAGEAnne Lomax - 02 August 2022

Really enjoyable

I thought the course were perfect as an introduction. I enjoyed learning signs from Simon. I'm an ASL user trying to learn BSL.
IMAGEPete F - 28 July 2022

Achievable learning

This course is outstanding . I’m just sorry it doesn’t go up to the next level. Each sign has its own video clip and very clear to follow. The grammar is explained in a clear manner . It is very accessible and encourages complete beginners like me , who could have given up so easily . It’s also very easy to navigate . I can’t praise it enough !!
IMAGEJuliana - 09 May 2022

excellent course

I have been a science teacher for 15 years and I don't know why I waited so long to do this. I can introduce my students to some key signs so that I can communicate with them when the room is noisy! It is an excellent course with many signs intuitive and easy to remember
IMAGEmalc - 04 May 2022

Fab!!!! Easy to use

Absolutely loved this I done the whole introduction on my mobile phone in 1 night! ( however I do have previous experience) so chuffed with my certificate at the end. Free!!!! Fantastic for everyone to use for awareness. Is this equivalent to a level 1 if so How can I do my level 2 please ?
IMAGEYasmin - 27 April 2022


It's such a lovely course, it allows everyone regardless of financial situation or time to learn the basics and enables more people to support Deaf people in a variety of settings. Such as lovely course
IMAGEHolly - 27 April 2022

amazing course

Really easy and simple to use, was able to take my time. I could go back and look at information as much as I wanted to.
would recommend to anyone who is interested in starting with basics, what a great skill to have!
IMAGEDeval - 27 April 2022


The course is excellent. It provides a pretty good level of BSL by the end of it. It is clear to follow and structured in a great way. Ideal to learn BSL. I highly recommend!!
IMAGEChiara - 20 April 2022


I have really enjoyed doing this course. It was easy to follow and I could complete the modules in my own time. A great introduction to BSL. Would highly recommend. It has inspired me to try and learn more.
IMAGEJo Green - 17 March 2022


The BSL introductory course was a part of my DofE bronze and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like communicating in sign is such a vital thing to learn especially for younger people. I am so glad to have taken this course during my quarantine and I would love to further my learning. It was very leisurely learning and I didn't feel pressured during the course which was a relief. Thank you British-Sign!
IMAGEAbbi - 07 March 2022

Most worthwhile

I really enjoyed following this course. The sections are small and can be repeated if needed. Good value for money. I only hope I can use and keep the BSL I have learned by practicing with others before forgetting things.
IMAGEKarl - 04 March 2022

Thoroughly recommend

A very well set out introduction to BSL, plenty of vocab, and clear explanation of grammar etc. Easy to navigate and to return to various bits to revise and remind yourself. Would absolutely recommend.
IMAGERebecca - 25 February 2022

Great course for beginners

Thank you for creating this course. I felt it was an easy way to start learning sign language and a good introduction to BSL in general, with helpful videos to study. Very flexible so you can learn a few words on-the-go. Only complaint is that the course ends here... would love a part two to further what I've learnt!
IMAGESophie - 21 February 2022

Should have done it sooner!!!

I have wanted to learn sign language since I was 16 years old. I'm now 38 and can't believe it took me so long to take the 1st step!
I expected it to be much harder to pick up and take a long time to learn even the basics.
I couldn't have been more wrong!
Just an hour a day for the last couple of weeks was all it took get consistently score 100% on all sections.
Don't hesitate like I did!
IMAGEAnthony Molyneux - 04 February 2022

Fantastic intro to BSL!

Really informative and easy to digest course full of additional tips, facts and resources! Great value for money and really flexible! I highly recommend this course to gain confidence to start using and exploring BSL further.
IMAGEHana - 31 January 2022


I've really enjoyed learning BSL through this helpful online course. Although I am a hearing person, I believe it will be useful to know these basic skills to be able to include and interact with people from the d/Deaf communities.
IMAGEGrace - 29 January 2022

Very useful

A really detailed and informative course! Great value for money and provides you with a good level of knowledge regarding sign language.
IMAGEhannah - 25 January 2022


Very much enjoyed this course. Very accessible, worth the time and money. Course is easy to follow and an incredible introduction to BSL. Wish more people would complete this course to at least have a basic understanding of BSL
IMAGESarah - 18 January 2022

Easy to use

I really enjoyed this course. My daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss at her newborn screening and I wanted to learn BSL to help communicate with her. There are a lot of useful signs to use with young children...animal, food, actions etc. I'd thoroughly recommend this course.
IMAGEStephanie Booth - 09 January 2022


A really fantastic introduction to sign language with loads of really useful vocabulary covering so many different eventualities. I have been using the course as a basis to get pupils interested in sign language at my school - they are all really enthusiastic and this has really encouraged them to practise amongst themselves and investigate it further. Really excited about BSL being so accessible to everyone (excellent value for money). I shall be signing up for the group membership for my next group of pupils (it wasn't an option before)!
IMAGEPatricia O'Rorke - 30 December 2021
British Sign Language - Learn BSL Online , USA 4.9 5.0 970 970 I didn't know any sign language before attempting this course. Really enjoyed it, easy to follow. I definitely want to carry on to the next level now.