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  • British Sign Language Communication


    Learning British Sign Language with us is fun, easy, & flexible. Our unique online signing course is a comprehensive introduction for anybody who is interested in learning BSL. You can now learn wherever and whenever you like.
  • British Sign Language Communication


    You can access Introducing British Sign Language whenever you like (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). Study at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to you. You can access the course for 1 year. Designed to be studied over approximately 16-20hrs - 1.5 - 2hrs/week.

  • British Sign Language Communication

    Our Students

    Ideal for anyone interested in learning BSL.
    • Beginners
    • Level 1 Revision
    • School Use (staff & students)
    • Staff Training (medical, education, retail, childcare etc.)
    • DofE Award - Bronze/Silver (details)

BSL course

this course has thoroughly helped me. At first i thought it would be hard to find a course to teach me Sign at a low cost so i was very lucky to find this one! i would definitely recommend
Review StarsMia
  • British Sign Language Communication

    Course Outline

    This course contains 10 lessons and covers: Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colours, Deaf Awareness, Introductions, Family, Relationships, Descriptions, Hobbies, Time, Money, Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Emotions, Relationships, Animals, Clothing, and Conversation. Also specialist vocabulary for education, medical, retail, transportation and home settings.


  • British Sign Language Communication


    Each lesson ends with an assessment that involves watching short BSL videos and answering questions.

    Using these interactive assessments you can keep track of your progress and look again at areas that you may need to do more work on.

  • British Sign Language Communication


    Once you have scored 85% on the assessments for each lesson, and the final assessment, you are awarded a certificate to show that you have completed the course.

    Our certificate is accredited by CPD.

    Assessments can be retaken as often as you like at no extra cost.

Great Start!

This is a great way to learn a the basics of Sign. It is easy to use and follow and provides you with a great understanding of Sign Language. I have throughly enjoyed participating and its great that you can go at your own pace. Highly recommend!
Review StarsMaeve
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    Learning BSL with us costs just £25 whatever price you feel you are able to afford during this difficult time.

    This one time enrolment-fee gives you free access to all of the online signing course material for 1 year so that you can come back at anytime to refresh your skills.

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    Groups & Teams

    We usually offer discounted rates for bulk bookings (from £14 per person) however this has now been replaced by the "pay what you can" pricing - this means you can decide what you feel you would like to pay for your team or group to learn BSL (minimum contribution of £3 per person).

    Whether you are making an individual booking, or a bulk booking, you will have access to an enrollment dashboard where you can track the progress of your learners as they work through the course.

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  • Introducing BSL

    Online Course

    • 1 year access to online course
    • Comprehensive introduction
    • Study online in your own time
    • Suitable for beginners & level 1 revision

    Pay what you can

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    Online Course + CD-ROM

    • 1 year access to online course
    • Sign to Me‘ dictionary CD-ROM (Windows)
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Study at home in your own time

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    Groups of 6+

    • Group discount
    • Staff training – education, medical, retail etc.
    • Professional development
    • Schools & clubs

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Great Intro into sign language

I have always wanted to start to learn sign language and found this really clear and easy way to learn at my own pace. This has a great course structure as you work your forward and start to put it together. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
IMAGEDaniel Tegg - 01 July 2020

Brilliant Resource

An amazing course, well structured and easy to learn. Would highly recommend!
IMAGESophie Thomson - 30 June 2020

Excellent course!

An accessible and great value for money introduction to BSL. The course is split into sections, with mini-assessment after each, which makes it easy to plan around your own time. I recommend learning the basics - you never know when they will come in useful!
IMAGEChristine Watson - 30 June 2020


This course was really easy and enjoyable and I have managed to learn so much in a short period of time! I now feel more confident to communicate with other BSL users! I highly recommend this course!
IMAGEJamie Chandler - 29 June 2020


Considering this is meant to be an Introduction to British Sign Language, I felt the course provided plenty of signs. As a SEND educator I feel this has been invaluable to learn and I am delighted to have this as part of my skill set. Thank you for making this so accessible. Well worth it!
IMAGERachael - 28 June 2020

A great introduction to an amazing skill!

The online course was great: you could access it at any time, re-visit anything you want to revise and see yourself as you signed to make sure you were doing it right. The assessments were painless and gave a good indication as to when you were confident/ ready to move on. All of the topics were very relevant to anyone who wishes to use sign language and there were great links included to extra resources.
IMAGEChloe Copeland - 27 June 2020

Great Introduction to BSL

I would definitely recommend this course. The instructions are so clear and the course is delivered at a great pace to allow you plenty time to go over each subject. I especially liked the option to slow down the videos so I could really study the more difficult signs. A great use of time in lockdown!
IMAGEAmy - 27 June 2020

Excellent course

What a great course. I've loved it working through it, being able to go at my own pace, and repeat sections if I need to.
Hopefully I can remember the hundreds of signs learnt.
IMAGERachel Myers - 26 June 2020

Amazing Course!

What a productive way to spend my quarantine! I have always waned to learn a little sign language, but just never got around to it until now. I'm so glad I did this course. the videos are easy to follow and very informative. Well worth the time.
IMAGEElla Harding - 26 June 2020

Always wanted to learn!

I have really valued this course. I've always wanted to learn BSL. We use some makaton and couple of signs at home for my younger brother, but doing this course has given me more signs to teach him, and has really helped his vocabulary and speech come along. I have been learning during lockdown, weekly with friends over Skype, and we have loved being able to regularly meet and practice together. This has been a really invaluable kick-start for us to start learning, and we can't wait to learn more BSL! Thank you to all the team who have created this course.
IMAGEAmy - 25 June 2020

Great introduction to BSL

This course has been so helpful in providing a basic introduction to BSL, and igniting a passion to learn more. I have now signed up for a face to face BSL L1 course locally which starts in September. I very much recommend this course for anyone wanting to begin their BSL journey.
IMAGECatherine Szymanskyj - 23 June 2020

Engaging and Informative

Cannot fault this course. It's so useful and I have had a great time learning the content. It's taught and tested in a way that you can follow easily, and it's good to learn at your own pace. The final assessment itself actually shows how far you've come!
IMAGESelina Ellis - 23 June 2020

Wonderful Course, Great Skill to Learn

I had great fun completing this course during the lockdown period. It's perfect for working at your own pace, the course is very comprehensive whilst also feeling easy to understand and not overwhelming. Would REALLY recommend!!
IMAGEC McCarthy - 23 June 2020

Would highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of starting BSL. With easy to use visual guides supported with a description most of the time, its easy to learn and revise.
IMAGEGeorge Hudson - 22 June 2020

Great Course

I really enjoyed this course. I found it very varied with a lot of really useful vocabulary. Very user-friendly and loved that i could access it when it was convenient for me.
IMAGEBelinda Mahoney - 21 June 2020

Great Course

This is an amazing course, the content is great and the teaching is very good. I recommend it!
IMAGECharlotte - 21 June 2020

Great lockdown learning!

Completed the course with my 6 year old and 11 year old during our homeschooling in lockdown. My 6 year old loved the quizzes at the end of each subject to reinforce her learning. My 11 year old answered all of the final assessment questions by herself and got 100% so the programme definitely works!
IMAGEHannah - 19 June 2020

Completed the Introduction Course

I completed the Introduction course while in lockdown. I found it extremely informative, easy to learn with the help of the slides and they gave me the necessary information to continue my learning.
IMAGEJonathan Meehan - 19 June 2020

Simple and effective

Really simple but effective format. Broken down into manageable chunks. Great to include medical section as I work in healthcare. Highly recommend.
IMAGELucy - 18 June 2020

Great Course!

Really amazing course, I have thoroughly enjoyed working through this during lockdown and feel I have been able to use this time wisely. The course is so flexible I could fit it around working at home. It has been a great form of CPD and I have always wanted to learn more about BSL, this course was brilliant for that. I would love to be able to incorporate BSL into lessons. I would definitely recommend this course to others!
IMAGEHannah Miles - 18 June 2020
British Sign Language - Learn BSL Online , USA 4.9 5.0 778 778 This course has been fantastic with helping me to understand the basics of British Sign Language, it is easy to follow and gives all information required when first starting out wi