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  • British Sign Language Communication


    Learning British Sign Language with us is fun, easy, & flexible. Our unique online signing course is a comprehensive introduction for anybody who is interested in learning BSL. You can now learn wherever and whenever you like.
  • British Sign Language Communication


    You can access Introducing British Sign Language whenever you like (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). Study at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to you. You can access the course for 1 year. Designed to be studied over approximately 16-20hrs - 1.5 - 2hrs/week.

  • British Sign Language Communication

    Our Students

    Ideal for anyone interested in learning BSL.
    • Beginners
    • Level 1 Revision
    • School Use (staff & students)
    • Staff Training (medical, education, retail, childcare etc.)
    • DofE Award - Bronze/Silver (details)

I just want to say how brilliant this course is. Its well set out and easy to follow and thanks to Simon I am about to enrol on a college course to become a BSL interpreter. Thanks again this has been well worth £19.99
Review StarsEmma-Louise Morrison
  • British Sign Language Communication

    Course Outline

    This course contains 10 lessons and covers: Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colours, Deaf Awareness, Introductions, Family, Relationships, Descriptions, Hobbies, Time, Money, Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Emotions, Relationships, Animals, Clothing, and Conversation. Also specialist vocabulary for education, medical, retail, transportation and home settings.


  • British Sign Language Communication


    Each lesson ends with an assessment that involves watching short BSL videos and answering questions.

    Using these interactive assessments you can keep track of your progress and look again at areas that you may need to do more work on.

  • British Sign Language Communication


    Once you have scored 85% on the assessments for each lesson, and the final assessment, you are awarded a certificate to show that you have completed the course.

    Our certificate is accredited by CPD.

    Assessments can be retaken as often as you like at no extra cost.

Fantastic value for money. I completed the whole course in a day! Would remcommend.
Review StarsHannah Goodwin
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    Learning BSL with us costs just £25 whatever price you feel you are able to afford during this difficult time.

    This one time enrolment-fee gives you free access to all of the online signing course material for 1 year so that you can come back at anytime to refresh your skills.

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    Groups & Teams

    When you sign up a group you will receive group rates. You will have access to an admin panel that allows you to enrol your students and track the progress of your group as they work through the course.

    Group of 6-19: £20
    Group 20-49: £16
    Group 50+: £14

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  • Introducing BSL

    Online Course

    • 1 year access
    • Comprehensive introduction
    • Study online in your own time
    • Suitable for beginners & level 1 revision

    £25 What you can

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  • Beginner Deal

    Online Course + CD-ROM

    • 1 years access to online course
    • Sign to Me‘ dictionary CD-ROM (Windows)
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Study at home in your own time


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    Groups of 6+

    • Group discount
    • Staff training – education, medical, retail etc.
    • Professional development
    • Schools & clubs

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I absolutely loved this course, it's so interestingn and fab value for money! I can't wait to learn more and more signs!
IMAGEAna Ayerra Jones - 12 February 2018


I really enjoyed this course, couldn't of asked for anything better. really easy to navigate the lessons and assignments. Thank you.
IMAGEEmma Kerr - 07 February 2018

Loved it!

This was a great introduction to BSL, easy to navigate the lessons and assignments, and a great range of signs and phrases to learn. Thank you!
IMAGESophie W. - 05 February 2018

Fantastic Course

Definiatly worth your time and money. So pleased I finshed the course and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn BSL to use this course!:)
IMAGELisa Daly - 05 February 2018

Excellent course

I really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot from it. I am hoping to learn more BSL soon! Thank you.
IMAGEAnna - 21 January 2018


I have just finished this course. I really enjoyed doing it and it has been very useful as I volunteer with children who have various additional needs. Good value and great fun.
IMAGEPhoebe Burns - 17 January 2018


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time taking the Introducing British Sign Language Course. Am so pleased I passed and will now look to further my knowledge. Thanks for the help and support.
IMAGEDawn Swepstone - 28 December 2017

Really enjoyable

I have BSL Level 1 but have not used it for a very long time so wanted a refresher and this was perfect. Able to follow at a time and pace to suit. I would recommend to anyone wanting to start or refresh as it covers most of the key areas. Good value for money.
IMAGEKim Holbrook - 27 December 2017

Really helpful

The course is really good in helping me to learn how to sign in an understandable way. I was happy to be able to learn about the history of sign language also. Overall it was fun and I'm very grateful.
IMAGENicole Charles - 14 December 2017


Such an amazing course I have loved every minute and got so excited when I got my certificate at the end of it.... cant wait to carry it on and learn more !!
IMAGEAmber - 01 December 2017

great course

I enjoyed doing this course. It was interesting and quite easy to do. I would like to continue but I live in Aruba. I will contact the local Deaf club and volunteer there
IMAGECarmelita Haynes - 12 November 2017

Escellent course

This course is brilliant if you want to learn the basics of sign language I really enjoyed it, was so easy to follow.
IMAGEHelen Evans - 26 October 2017


Very well prepared and easy to follow.
IMAGEMaria - 23 October 2017


Some courses out there are £250! Got great quality teaching from this super cheap course! I worked through it all in just five days! Just wish I had a certificate to show for it...
IMAGEAlex - 06 October 2017

A most enjoyable course - filled with plenty of info. I simply loved the course. Excellent

Have told friends to learn BSL via this site
IMAGEStuart Macpherson - 30 September 2017

The online course was great because you can see the signing for left hand or right hand and pause whenever you need to.
IMAGEAnne White - 21 September 2017

The online course was great because you can see the signing for left hand or right hand and pause whenever you need to.
IMAGEAnne White - 21 September 2017



Go at your own pace course

I really found it useful that I could learn the course at my own pace. Sometimes I struggle if a short timescale is imposed. Learnt new signs and know I still need more practice, lesson 6 was tricky for me. Great course to give me a start and the CDrom is handy to keep me working at signs. Easier to learn than another spoken language. Its a good course if you have toddlers wanting your attention halfway through a lesson. I have been using signing with both my children. To help communicate before speech develops and whilst having speech difficulties. If only everyone did this course, life would be a whole lot simpler. My husband likes that we can sign to each other when out in noisy places without shouting over everyone else. Fully recommend this course to everyone
IMAGEAngie - 13 September 2017

Fantastic Course

I have been interested in sign language ever since I used little bits of it to teach my baby, to help her communicate with us before she could speak.
Now that I come in to contact with Deaf people as part of my work, it's given me the confidence to learn BSL and I am so pleased I have done it and can't wait to use it at work
IMAGEMarina Edwards - 11 September 2017
British Sign Language - Learn BSL Online , USA 4.9 5.0 568 568 As someone who is losing their hearing, I enrolled on this course to see if I had the aptitude to learn BSL. The sessions were clear and easy to follow and I could dip in and out