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  • British Sign Language Communication


    Learning British Sign Language with us is fun, easy, & flexible. Our unique online signing course has been designed so that anybody who is interested in learning BSL has got access to all of the resources that they need. You can now learn wherever and whenever you like.
  • British Sign Language Communication


    You can login to Introducing British Sign Language whenever you like. This gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to you.

    For a one off fee you get access to the course for 1 year. Most people complete the course within 8 weeks.

  • British Sign Language Communication

    Our Students

    Ideal for anyone interested in learning BSL.
    • Beginners
    • Level 1 Revision
    • School Use (staff & students)
    • Staff Training (medical, retail, childcare etc.)
    • DofE Award - Bronze Skills

The online course was great because you can see the signing for left hand or right hand and pause whenever you need to.
Review StarsAnne White
  • British Sign Language Communication

    Course Outline

    This course contains 7 lessons and covers:

    Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colours, Deaf Awareness, Introductions, Family, Descriptions, Hobbies & Leisure, Time, Money, Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Conversation


  • British Sign Language Communication


    Each lesson ends with an assessment that involves watching short BSL videos and answering questions.

    Using these interactive assessments you can keep track of your progress and look again at areas that you may need to do more work on.

  • British Sign Language Communication


    Once you have scored 80% on the assessments for each lesson, and a final assessment, you are awarded a certificate to show that you have completed the course.

    Assessments can be retaken as often as you like at no extra cost.


Before this course i could only sign letters but now that i've completed it i can do numbers, time, money, colours, interests, marital signs, family signs and food and drink signs as well as put them all together!! Im dyslexic but found it very easy to understand and the clips all explain the hand motions too. I made myself space the lessons, so that i could quiz my memory each week but you can go as fast or slow as you like. I thought this course was a great value for money and really easy to understand and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn BSL.
Review StarsKaiya Scott
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    Learning BSL with us costs just £19.99

    This one time enrolment-fee gives you free access to all of the online signing course material for 1 year (2 years with the Beginner's Deal) so that you can come back at anytime to refresh your skills.

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    Groups & Teams

    If you book as a group then we are able to offer you discounted rates. You will have access to an adminpanel that allows you to enrol your students and track the progress of your group as they work through the course.

    Group of 6-19: £14.99
    Group of 20+: £12.99

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  • Introducing BSL

    Online Course

    • 1 year access
    • Comprehensive introduction
    • Study online in your own time
    • Suitable for beginners & level 1 revision


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  • Beginner Deal

    Online Course + CD-ROM

    • 2 years enrolment to online course
    • Sign to Me‘ dictionary CD-ROM (Windows)
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Study at home in your own time


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    Groups of 6+

    • Group discount
    • Staff training
    • Professional Development
    • Schools & clubs

    from £1299

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A most enjoyable course - filled with plenty of info. I simply loved the course. Excellent

Have told friends to learn BSL via this site
IMAGEStuart Macpherson - 30 September 2017

The online course was great because you can see the signing for left hand or right hand and pause whenever you need to.
IMAGEAnne White - 21 September 2017

The online course was great because you can see the signing for left hand or right hand and pause whenever you need to.
IMAGEAnne White - 21 September 2017



Go at your own pace course

I really found it useful that I could learn the course at my own pace. Sometimes I struggle if a short timescale is imposed. Learnt new signs and know I still need more practice, lesson 6 was tricky for me. Great course to give me a start and the CDrom is handy to keep me working at signs. Easier to learn than another spoken language. Its a good course if you have toddlers wanting your attention halfway through a lesson. I have been using signing with both my children. To help communicate before speech develops and whilst having speech difficulties. If only everyone did this course, life would be a whole lot simpler. My husband likes that we can sign to each other when out in noisy places without shouting over everyone else. Fully recommend this course to everyone
IMAGEAngie - 13 September 2017

Fantastic Course

I have been interested in sign language ever since I used little bits of it to teach my baby, to help her communicate with us before she could speak.
Now that I come in to contact with Deaf people as part of my work, it's given me the confidence to learn BSL and I am so pleased I have done it and can't wait to use it at work
IMAGEMarina Edwards - 11 September 2017

A great kickstarter course

I got this course for my teenage son to help encourage him to improve his signing for a deaf family member. It has given him loads of confidence and is keen to learn even more now. Thank you.
IMAGEHumpherson - 27 August 2017

This is great!!

I went into this without knowing a simple thing about British Sign Language...within an hour, I knew how to fingerspell the alphabet and count 1-10 off by heart. I can not rate this highly enough because 5 stars is just not enough stars for how good this is and it so easily sticks in your head too.
IMAGERyan - 16 August 2017

Really good

No complaints from me, I've been looking to learn BSL for such a long time and this was a really great and simple way to get started.
IMAGEchristina - 07 August 2017

Simple yet effective introduction to BSL

A great and thorough course for anyone looking to get into BSL and learn a useful skill. Whilst the video tutorials are a little old, I would wholeheartedly recommend this course.
IMAGEAlexander - 02 June 2017

Fabulous and fun!

I enjoyed this course immensely - it is very clearly structured and learning BSL is both fascinating and fun! Excellent value for money, and I'm hoping to find a BSL level 1 course so I can go on learning. Thank you, Simon!
IMAGEAlison - 18 May 2017


Really enjoyed doing the introductory course. I've always wanted to learn sign language and this has really helped me begin to understand it. The tutorials were clear and helpful and I have learnt so much. Thank you!
IMAGENatalie - 16 May 2017


I wanted to learn BSL for years but living abroad it was tricky. With this course, I was able to achieve my little dream! I did it at my pace in the evenings from the comfort of my sofa and it couldn't have been easier or more enjoyable. Thank you so much. Worth every penny. Now I've passed, I'm itching to practice what I've learnt before I forget everything :oD If you're thinking of doing it, don't hesitate - you wont regret it!
IMAGEJuliet - 13 May 2017

Looking to start? Start here!

I could not recommend this course highly enough. As well as providing an excellent introduction to learning BSL and how to communicate in the language, it also provides extra information on the history of the language, Deaf culture and charitable organisations.
At a reasonable and affordable price, this course opens the door to anyone wanting to study BSL, allowing them to do so in their own time and at their own pace.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and am now looking forward to expanding my knowledge.
IMAGEPaul Brown - 29 April 2017

Great introduction to BSL

I really enjoyed this on line course! I learnt at my own pace and found it easy to pick it up. I would highly recommend it to others. I am very much looking forward now to continuing my learning.
IMAGEjane - 26 April 2017

A great introduction to BSL

It's good to have a course that you can do in your own time and not feel under pressure. Easy to follow and enjoyable to do.
IMAGECathy Wicks - 22 April 2017

I have learnt so much!! Absolutely amazing!

This course has been so great, thorough and clear. I have learnt so much and always felt like I was progressing and learning. I wanted something new to learn and this is a massive achievement for me. Thank you so so much, because now I have the oppurtunity to discover much more about the world, and communicate and help any deaf person I meet. Thank you!!!!!
IMAGEAlice Lord - 17 April 2017

It was incredible!!

I am a teenager and i have always loved watching people sign but i could never find anything or anywhere that i could learn but now i have done this course i completed it within 4 days!!! i have a really good memory and love to learn and remember new things and this is at the top of my list. it is well worth the money and is so much fun to learn so i would definitely recommend and i will definitely be carrying on signing at a more difficult level soon.
IMAGEMillie Hope - 06 April 2017

Introduction to BSL, BRILLIANT!

I currently work with a SEN child who has very little speech, we have been using Sign a Long but I found this course more informative and enjoyable. I hope to continue onto the next level
IMAGEHayley - 29 March 2017

Amazing Course

This is a brilliant learning course. i was a complete beginner when i started and i had completed the course within approx 5 weeks.
Everything is very clear and easy to understand.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn BSL
IMAGENeil Robinson - 16 March 2017
British Sign Language - Learn BSL Online , USA 4.9 5.0 554 554 I have just completed this course. Learnt lots of signs, able to work at own pace, fun and is good value for money. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn